Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dewey & the Mobile Classroom

Currently, I am taking two courses through the University of Illinois Educational Policy program, both (Mobile Learning EPSY 590, Technology & Ethics EPS 415) focused on technology in education. I found that ideas, reflections, and questions span both classes. Throughout these courses, I have begun to really delve into the implications of integrating technology within my teaching, not only philosophically but also practically. Though this blog is intended to reflect thoughts on the Mobile Learning course, I am also creating a group blog for a specific project in Technology & Ethics. In doing so, my thoughts often overlap, and I thought that instead of writing a completely new blog post, I will share one I posted for my group blog; ultimately linking one knowledge network or community with another one.

Please note that the entire blog is still under construction, still awaiting final posts and polishing.

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